Monday, 31 December 2012

Allusion in Poems

Allusions poems: allusions are very important and refers to something or a situation of past history or literature. This would give a picture of the latest albums in the minds of readers. You will find an allusion of such in this poem and it's really hilarious and real. It also reads like a movie scene.

Some of the common allusions are as follows

1. With a heart of love untapped

2. No Helen of Troy she

3. All roads lead to Rome

4. A Draconian law

Some of the best allusions poems

***allusion poem 1***

Dream girl - by Mukeshkumar Mafatlal Raval, India

allusion poems 1

Had I been a bird
I would have flown in 360 degrees
and searched you in every breeze and cloud
at every cliff y or treetop
at every river ,pond or at hill slope.

Had I been a fish
I would have looked for you
in sea weeds,on sea mounds
or in the conchs or in tiny openings of shells.

Had I been a deer
grazing green green grass,
tasting the Scottish dew
or sipping the cream of the highlands;
I might have found you under the shade of Olive trees
but nowhere did i find
you nor your shadow.

But if I were a mirror
I would have gazed you
in my smile, in my tears,
resting under the coolness of my winks,
strolling in the pink valley of my dimple

***allusion poem 2***

SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY - by Elena Toledo, USA

allusion poems 2

She walks in beauty, eyes soft,
Innocent; silky breast that captures
men’s heart, her alarming whiteness,
making angels turn dark.

In times of sorrow, she's the light; if she
cries, her tears breakdown into drops of
divine moist. Wrapped in her skin, never
has a sin, her lips turn to fear in

the eyes of evil. Her sacred presence makes earth
heavenly; her beauty blinds the power of vision,
her virtuous is an envious, making instinct
jealousy take over. She walks in beauty.

***allusion poem 3***

FIREBIRD - by Lee Emmett, Australia

allusion poems 3

nothing prepares us for brilliant
entrance of creature of fantasy
or object of enchantment

useless to resist its allure
always takes unawares

drawn to its fiery nature
is instantly smitten

soul’s taken to pyre
heart reduces
to ashes:

hence Icarus’ fate
and the tale of Phoenix

***allusion poem 4***

NIGHT - by Phil Etekamba Udoh, Nigeria

allusion poems 4

Silence and still not total;
the clock’s tick-tock,
the creaking of ceiling boards,
the stridulations of crickets in cracks…
nothing but depressing darkness-
inky black,dripping with gravity
A struggle to parley with the non-physical-
tossing, turning
to commune with the mind
and its weird antics
Rare reports of howling watchdogs
warding off creatures of the night,
seen and unseen,
howling in harmony…
anticipation of daylight
eyes open in a sea of lightless night
ears keen to sounds nuusual
mind alert to jump into action
canter away dark horse and
let light pervade!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Hush, beating heart of Christabel

By ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Hush, beating heart of Christabel!
Jesu, Maria, shield her well !
She folded her arms beneath her cloak,
And stole to the other side of the oak.

Is known to be the wisest woman in Europe

By ~ T.S. Eliot

Is known to be the wisest woman in Europe,
With a wicked pack of cards. Here, said she,
Is your card, the drowned Phoenician Sailor,
(Those are pearls that were his eyes. Look!)
Here is Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks,
The lady of situations."

His to count the hauls past the yawning gates

By ~ Debora Greger

His to count the hauls past the yawning gates
of this New Giza into the Middle Kingdom’s
Late Intermediate Period. There, to purify,
to honor ourselves, we beg these offerings"

All overgrown by cunning moss

By ~ Emily Dickinson

All overgrown by cunning moss,
All interspersed with weed,
The little cage of "Currer Bell"
In quiet "Haworth" laid."

I doubt if Phaethon feared more

By ~ Dante Alighieri

I doubt if Phaethon feared more - that time
he dropped the sun-reins of his father's chariot
and burned the streak of sky we see today -
or if poor Icarus did - feeling his sides
unfeathering as the wax began to melt,
his father shouting: "wrong, your course is wrong.

Examples of allusion poems

"As the cave's roof collapsed, he was swallowed up in the dust like Jonah, and only his frantic scrabbling behind a wall of rock indicated that there was anyone still alive".

"Christy didn't like to spend money. She was no Scrooge, but she seldom purchased anything except the bare necessities".

"Well," said the Lieutenant, who had listened with amused interest to all this, and now waxing merry with his tipple; "Well, blessed are the peacemakers, especially the fighting peacemakers! "

"He was a remarkable Prime Minister with feet of clay".

"Like the prodigal son, he returned to his home town and was welcomed by all who knew him".

"Marty's presence at the dance was definitely a 'Catch 22' situation; if he talked to Cindy she'd be mad at him, but if he ignored her there'd be hell to pay. His anger bubbled to the surface. He realized that by coming to the dance he had brought his problems with him like a Trojan Horse, and he could only hope he would be able to keep them bottled up".